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Vincent Oquendo, a born and raised New Yorker, credits his mother with the early obsession with beauty that led him ultimately to his chosen profession. As a young man he wasted no time in his pursuit of a career, eventually landing a position under the watchful eye of his mentor, beauty icon Pat McGrath. This invaluable apprenticeship has led Vincent to his position today as one of the industry’s leading bright lights and emerging stars. He gratefully enjoys relationships with such clients as Stella McCartney, Alexei Hay, Roe Etheridge, and Jessica Chastain, to name a few.

Vincent finds inspiration in nature but especially in flora (particularly orchids), as well as the leading ladies of Hollywood’s golden era: Ginger Rodgers, Veronica Lake, Hepburn, Davis, and Faye Dunaway. Their influence can be seen in the romantic and delicate yet assertive quality of his work.